Depression is on the rise in today’s society particularly among Christians. Depression is a largely overlooked and much-misunderstood disease in the Christian world, yet there are vast numbers of Christian men and women who are looking for help with this problem. There is hope!

Hope Again: A Lifetime Plan for Conquering Depression is the third updated book by Dr. Bruce Hennigan and Mark Sutton. The book provides step by step encouragement and instruction for developing a fresh, updated plan to win over depression. With an interest stemming from their own experiences, Hennigan and Sutton take an approach to overcoming life’s difficulties that is grounded in both spiritual and medical principles. Whether depression is affecting you, or someone you love, Hope Again can be the first step to finding real encouragement and moving forward.

Life Filter #19

Today, I will:

  1. Recognize depression is an illness that can have a physical basis.
  2. Get rid of the guilt trip and focus on the cure.
  3. Remember, God’s word, not my present emotional outlook, is my authority.
God's Promise to Me:
"The sun shall not strike you by day, Nor the moon by night. The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul."
Psalm 121:6-7

Upcoming Seminars

February 1, 2020 • Oasis Church
Conquering Depression Seminar

Mark Sutton and Dr. Bruce Hennigan have been invited to present their next Conquering Depression Seminar…

Faith Fact #8

Harness God's Power

A number of years ago a friend of mine by the name of Ken gave me a wonderful principle that helped me with scripture memorization.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve memorized a lot of verses throughout my life.

However, a year later I might come across the verse…

Physician Fact #7


Fifty years ago, the famous science fiction series Doctor Who burst onto the television screens of the world. The show was already on the "bubble" by its third episode and the producers were afraid of cancellation. Then, the show's producer introduced what has become the most fearsome creature in modern…

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