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Throughout this book, we emphasize the use of LifeFilters. What is a LifeFilter?

When I was going through my depression and working with my counselor, I realized I had to “filter” my thoughts and my decisions in such a way to make wiser decisions; Godly decisions; healthy decisions. I developed my first set of LifeFilters to filter my thoughts, actions, and emotions and keep me focused on a healthy, God-centered decision process.

When Mark Sutton asked me to help write this book, he was most impressed with the idea of the LifeFilter. We adapted it for our book, “Hope Again: A Lifetime Plan for Conquering Depression”. For each “day” of the book, there is a LifeFilter with key points from that day’s chapter on one side and an affirming scripture on the flip side. They are designed to take with you wherever you go.

As you work through the chapters/days you will discover the usefulness of our LifeFilter. There is a LifeFilter for each day coupled with a Bible verse. We suggest you write down that day’s LifeFilter on a card and perhaps laminate that card to use on a daily basis. Carry your LifeFilter with you throughout the day to remind you of the important points you learned in that day’s chapter. After the first thirty days, go through the LifeFilters again one day at a time.

The good news is, you do not have to create your own LifeFilters. We offer laminated, preprinted LifeFilters for purchase at a reasonable price and we will ship it to you promptly.

Whatever form you choose for your LifeFilters, realize they are indispensable and will provide a powerful daily tool in conquering depression!

Bruce Hennigan, M.D.
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