Introducing Your New Best Friend

Faith Fact #9

Whether you’re shy or never meet a stranger, whether you have few friends or more than you can count, I want to take a moment to introduce you to your new best friend . . . other than Jesus Christ, of course.  When you’re fighting depression, this friend is more valuable than ever, and will help you to find – and lean on – God’s strength. 

In Joshua 1:8 God has this to say to us:  “Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do” (NLT). 

Did you notice the phrase “meditate on it day and night?”  That means reading two or three verses in a minute and then going on to something else just doesn’t cut it with God.  I can hear you saying, “But I don’t have time for hours of Bible study every day!”  Serious Bible study is certainly important from time to time.  But there are easier ways to “meditate on it day and night.” 

The first is through memorizing scripture.  Find some great verses on God’s love for you and memorize them, going through the verses every day. In that way, those verses will always be at the front of your memory, available for the Holy Spirit to use as an antidote to your depressive emotions. 

The second way introduces your new best friend!  (Drum roll here) . . . The LifeFilter!  Here’s why the LifeFilter is so important and can be such a great friend when you’re depressed.  If you use your best friend correctly, you’ll be carrying one with you every day.  We want you to take it out and read it 20-25 times a day.  When you do that, you will be reading a verse from the Bible on one side.  On the other side will be several life-affirming statements or reminders about God’s love and provisions for you.  Doing this 25 times a day helps powerfully to counteract the negative lies Satan tries to fill you with during your depressive episode. 

But there’s more!  Look at Joshua 1:8 again.  Do you see the promise in its words?  You will prosper and have success as you meditate regularly on God’s word.  That may have a financial aspect, but the real focus is on your emotional and spiritual success.  So, what happens when you read the LifeFilter 25 times a day?  You are meditating on God’s word! 

I hope by now you’ve bought a copy of “Hope Again.”  I want you to read one chapter every day.  But I also highly encourage you to download the LifeFilters and carry the appropriate one that goes with the chapter you’ve just read.  After all, the LifeFilter wants to be your new best friend.  Get to know it.  Carry it with you every day.  Read it frequently, realizing that in the process, you are ingesting into your body, mind and soul Christ’s antidote to your depression. 

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