Body and Mind

Dr. Bruce Hennigan will talk about the intersection between body and mind. He will discuss how the brain and the body work together and how they are affected by depression.

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Bruce HenniganOctober 27, 2018

What happens when God is silent? Have you ever felt like God is ignoring your prayers and your cries for help? In the past three years Mark and I both have been sidelined from our pursuit of helping you with your battle in depression. For me, a combination of health problems and the necessity of devoting almost all of my free time to my medical practice have pushed me into a corner.

Sometimes, I wondered if God would hear my prayers during this time of trial and difficulty. But, here is the good news for me. Throughout this period of time, what few episodes of depression I suffered were transitory. I routinely recognize the triggers for my depression. I recognize when depression begins to pull its dark curtain across my life. I kick into high gear with my plan and my tools, my LifeFilters, and those episodes are shorter than ever before. I also have a friend in Mark and when we both feel the clutches of depression, we call on each other.

God is not ignoring you in your difficulty. He is there, and you can turn to Him for help. As I have said many times in our seminar, if we give God our brokenness, he will transform it into victory. It is not always in the manner we desire. But, it is recognizable as God’s work; work only God can do; work for which only God can take credit. And, that is as it should be.

I have watched my friend and brother in Christ, Mark Sutton, battle a creeping death for the past three years and it was not easy. Often, I wondered if God was listening ,but I was never convinced God wasn’t there. And, when God took Mark through his lung transplant and the difficult months afterwards, I marveled at God’s faithfulness.

Now, I am free of my practice responsibilities. I have weathered two cancer scares. And, Mark shared with me a few months ago he has “come out of the fog”. We are ready to help you again with our book and our seminars.

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