Talk It Out!

Physician's Fact #8

Talk it out. There are many kinds of professional counselors available to you. If you are suffering from depression, you need to talk it out.

startYou need to literally dump all of your negative feelings out into the air; out into the world around you in a safe and protected environment. You see, a counselor can listen to these painful words that reflect your inner pain and hold up a mirror of compassion and truth for you to see the beauty that is the person God created you to be.

Where do I start? If you attend a church, you may have a professional counselor on the staff or your staff will know someone you can talk to. If not, seek out a Christian counseling center in your region. If there are none, begin with your primary care physician and discuss your need for counseling. Chances are good your doctor will know of a good and reliable local counseling center you can attend. You may even need a higher level of help from a professional psychologist. But, don’t turn your back on this most essential member of your team. Find a counselor today if you haven’t already.

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