The Four Horsemen!

Physician's Fact #6

Right now as you contemplate “what is wrong with me?”I want you to realize there are four aspects of your being that are impacted by the disease of depression.

4horseFirst, depression is a physical illness. Your physical BODY undergoes changes with depression. Therefore, you must approach that physical malady as if it were a sickness that can only be cured by proper medical help. Find a physician and begin the process of a health inventory. Many times, underlying physical illnesses can cause or worsen depression.

Second, depression is an emotional illness. The emotional or psychological aspect of your very existence flows out of behavior patterns, thought patterns, choices, and “programming”from your childhood. You must address these behavior patterns and begin to modify the “stinking thinking”that contributes to your depression. For this, you will need a counselor. Men, listen to me. You go get help with your golf swing, right? You go to the gun range and practice shooting to help you with your hunting skills, right? Then, likewise, you should go and find professional counseling help for your depression!

Third, depression is a spiritual illness. As our society becomes increasingly hostile to the Christian faith, it paradoxically becomes more “spiritual”. We cannot ignore the spiritual side of our existence. Even atheists feel “spiritual”impulses. Often, there are issues of choices and behavior that come directly from “sin”in our life. These wrongdoings or transgressions can bring about spiritual angst and stress and unless we deal with this aspect of our existence, depression will never leave us. Plug into a source of spiritual strength. Find a church, Bible study group, accountability group, or a trusted, mature Christian friend to help.

Fourth, depression can be a disease spawned by ignorance. Thus, the question “What is wrong with me?”Well, we can help you dispel the lack of knowledge about depression. I have already said that “Knowledge is Power”. The more you understand about the nature of depression and how it effects you mentally and physically, the more it becomes less of a mystery and more of a disease to be conquered.

Body, Heart, Soul, and Mind are all important in the battle against depression!

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