Treating Depression

Physician's Fact #5

Since depression is a physical illness, you should attack your disease from the physical vantage point as well as the emotional and spiritual. In fact, it will take all three approaches to defeat your depression.

You will need a medical doctor to address any possible physical illness that might be contributing to your depression. Plus, a doctor may have to write you a prescription for an snit-depressant medication and then monitor you closely for side effects.

RXThen, you must approach your depression from a behavior modification point of view. There are behavior patterns that must be addressed and changed to keep depression at bay. This is why you will need a professional counselor. I will talk more about that in future posts.

Finally, you must be aware there is a spiritual component to your depression. We advise you seek spiritual help in combatting your depression through a local church, Bible study group, etc.

By approaching your depression from these three points of attack, you can begin the process of conquering your depression.

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