Body, Heart, Mind, and Soul

Physician's Fact #3

heartbodyDepression is more than just a disease of the brain. It has a foundation in the four aspects of your existence. Most of the time, depression begins in the brain.

The causes are many and include life experiences, life choices, genetic predisposition, other physical illness, and medications to name a few. An alteration in brain chemistry brings on depression.

But, depression also effects your emotions or your “heart”. And, depression can be influenced by disease elsewhere in your body other than just the brain! For instance, an under functioning thyroid gland can lead to depression. Chronic pain, chronic inflammation, and chronic illness can lead to depression. These are but a few physical (body) causes of depression.

And, depression has a spiritual component. This is why Mark and I emphasize over and over you must have a medical doctor to address the body; a counselor to address the emotions; a spiritual connection such as a church or Bible study group, and the knowledge (mind) you will gain from our book. All four of these areas must be attended to if you want to find hope again and conquer depression.

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