New "Causes" of Depression

Physician's Fact #18

A recent article on the Internet recently discussed the changing nature of depression’s causes. It would seem that the “old” model of “chemical imbalance” may not be as pervasive as physicians have thought. In fact, the article seemed to indicate that many anti-depressant medications have their effect trough a “placebo” effect.

I addressed this recently with a psychiatric colleague of mine. He was adamant that the best way to treat depression is exactly how we have treated depression since the beginning of the twenty first century. No matter how you categorize depression treatments still work for the majority of patients. He did not see any changes in his strategy for the foreseeable future. But, he did tell me that new research into functional brain imaging was giving us new insights into the causes of depression. And, those causes can be legion!

Mark and I address this in our book, “Hope Again” when we discuss the differences in men and women and the link depression has to chronic inflammation and pain. In the near future, we will continue to update our website with new information. For now, our book still represents the most up to date and current practical knowledge about depression, its causes, and how to attack it.
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