Depression is an Illness

Physician's Fact #1

Depression is a PHYSICAL illness! After I fell off the trampoline and ripped my britches open right in front of my girlfriend, I ran across the yard to my car and stepped in a hole. I heard the bone in my foot break.

After changing clothes at my apartment and driving back to the house where my girlfriend was staying, I kept telling myself that there was nothing wrong with my foot. But, the pain only got worse. The bruising got worse. My friend, a family doctor, even told me my foot was fine. Until the next morning when we X-rayed my foot and found the broken bone. As much as I wanted the pain to be due to something I could just pray away or meditate away, the fracture was a real physical illness.

The first fact we want you to learn is that depression has a physical component. It is more than just “stinking thinking”. There are changes in your brain and changes in your body that must be addressed. In the future, I will give you more information but for now, rest in the fact that depression isn’t just “all in your head”. It is a real, physical illness just like a broken foot!

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